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The powerful northern bluefin tuna that migrate across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are disappearing, due to high demand for sushi. Fearful of the real possibility of Atlantic bluefin becoming commercially extinct, a dedicated group of scientists and recreational fishermen founded Tag-A-Giant (TAG) in 2006. Our mission: to support scientific research, policy and conservation initiatives that promote a sustainable future for bluefin tuna.

If you're as captivated by bluefin tuna as we are - whether a recreational angler, a scientist, or simply a concerned citizen who wants to prevent further declines of such a majestic species - contact us. No matter what your level of commitment - whether you join our mailing list, make a donation, or come tagging with us - we welcome your involvement.

Our Mission

Tag-A-Giant is committed to reversing the decline of northern bluefin tuna populations by supporting the scientific research necessary to develop innovative and effective policy and conservation initiatives. We will engage scientists, policymakers, fishermen and citizens to chart the course toward rebuilding and maintaining sustainable populations of northern bluefin tuna in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Our Vision

An abundant future for northern bluefin tuna in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A guaranteed role for bluefin as a top predator in ocean ecosystems. Robust recreational and commercial fisheries for bluefin tuna that thrive in both oceans.

Our Goals

  • Inspire immediate conservation of bluefin tuna.
  • Support scientific research that will inform fisheries management at domestic and international levels.
  • Convene a critical mass of researchers to develop innovative, science-based management techniques that will protect existing bluefin and restore population abundance.
  • Partner with policymakers and other stakeholders to implement a new bluefin management regime based on the researchers’ recommendations.
  • Preserve and enhance the opportunities of fishers who depend on bluefin tuna for sport or for their livelihoods.
  • Contribute to the science and policy of sustainable bluefin tuna farms, including efforts to enable bluefin spawning in captivity.


Since 1994, the Tag-A-Giant research program of Stanford University has been building the necessary knowledge to maintain bluefin tuna in captivity and sustain healthy populations of wild fish. The team has pioneered electronic tagging of marine fish species across the globe. TAG scientists have tagged nearly 1,800 northern bluefin tuna in both ocean basins, allowing us to follow the bluefins' wide-ranging journeys across the oceans. TAG has been at the forefront of developing other new technologies required to study highly migratory marine animals, including genetic analyses. Together with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, researchers operate the Tuna Research and Conservation Center (TRCC) on Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station property in Pacific Grove, CA. The TRCC is North America's only research facility for captive tunas and affords a unique opportunity to study tuna physiology and to develop techniques to improve bluefin aquaculture. After more than a decade of study, the increasing decline of bluefin tuna worldwide catalyzed the TAG team to build a foundation to ensure the future of the species.

TAG logoThe Tag-A-Giant Fund was founded in 2006 by a core group of TAG scientists and supporters, as US 501(c)3 non-profit project administered by The Ocean Foundation. TAG's founders serve on its advisory committee, which now includes Mr. Richard Worley, Mr. John Hill and Mr. Mike Leech. Dr. Barbara A. Block, a professor at Stanford University, is the scientific advisor of TAG. Dr. Block has over twenty-five years of experience tracking tunas, billfish and sharks; her Stanford laboratory conducts research on captive bluefin, genetics, physiology and electronic tagging. Dr. George Shillinger serves as TAG's Director and is spearheading efforts to infuse new scientific knowledge acquired through TAG projects into international and domestic management and conservation of bluefin tuna.

Download the Tag-A-Giant Foundation Brochure (December 2006)

View a movie detailing how TAG science contributes to management and conservation.


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