Join Today and Ensure the Bluefin Tuna's Future Tomorrow

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We need your support in our efforts to help steer bluefin onto the road to recovery.

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$10,000 supports field deployment efforts

$5,000 purchases a satellite tag

$2,500 supports genetics research on tunas

$1,000 purchases an archival tag

$500 purchases an acoustic tag

$100 prepares a tag for deployemnt



Please give generously today and help us protect the future of bluefin tuna.

Donations can be made online with a credit card or by personal check through the mail.

Tag-A-Giant Fund
P.O. Box 52074
Pacific Grove, CA 93950


You can also support TAG by purchasing a limited edition, signed-and-numbered, giclee print of Bluefin Tuna Popping Baby Porcupine Puffers by the preeminent American painter, Stanley Meltzoff (1917-2007). Learn more.

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