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The TAG team at workJoin the TAG-A-Giant (TAG) Fund of The Ocean Foundation on the water for a day-long research/fishing adventure. Your tax-deductible donation entitles you to become part of the team on a mission to catch, tag, and release giant bluefin tuna. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research on one of the world’s most magnificent marine species. Bluefin tuna have been known to be over 13 feet long and weigh 1500 lbs. They can swim 60 mph and have made transatlantic journeys in less than 60 days.

TAG is committed to reversing the decline of northern bluefin tuna populations by supporting the science necessary to develop innovative and effective policy and conservation initiatives. We engage scientists, policymakers, fishermen, and the general public in efforts to rebuild and maintain sustainable populations of northern bluefin tuna in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

TAG has deployed over 1200 electronic tags on Atlantic Bluefin tuna over the last 17 years, including 972 deployed off North Carolina. Our research efforts in North Carolina would not be possible without the support and participation of the local fishing community.

For more information on how you can “Go Fish!” with TAG, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 831-655-6225.

TAG Charters Policies

Reservations: Tag-A-Giant will work with the Volunteer to plan and coordinate a trip itinerary. Tag-A-Giant scientists often do not know the dates of the tagging expedition until 1 week or less in advance due to issues with fish availability, weather, and permitting. TAG will exercise due diligence in communications with participants about potential tagging dates, but flexibility is often required. Because all tagging expeditions are weather-dependent, TAG recommends that participants dedicate at least 3 days to the trip to best ensure a day on the water.

Donations: A minimum $3,000 tax-deductible donation is required to join the scientific team onboard the tagging vessel for one day. Participants are responsible for all travel expenses, including travel to/from the dock, lodging and food (including food onboard the vessel; bag lunches and ample beverages are recommended).

Guarantees: TAG will not provide the Volunteer with any guarantees as to the success of the tagging trip, and it is possible that no fish will be encountered. TAG will target bluefin tuna only, and no bluefin tuna will be retained for consumption.

Weather: All tagging expeditions are weather-dependent. Tagging trips will not run when the seas are very rough due to the increased risk of injury to the fish. In the event that weather prevents tagging for the full duration of the trip, donations will be returned to the Volunteers upon their request.

Conditions Advisory: All vessels are well-maintained and comply with safety requirements. However, there are inherent hazards and discomforts associated with being at sea, including but not limited to seasickness, rough seas, cold temperatures and lack of conveniences (e.g., all vessels have heads but not full bathrooms). Tagging vessels will not return to the dock early due to requests from the donating participant, except in the event of an emergency.

DECLARATION: The Tag-A-Giant Team reserves the right to refuse the services of any Volunteer at any time, and to terminate any work being done by a Volunteer and require the Volunteer to vacate the project site if any of the TAG Team in his or her absolute discretion considers it appropriate. In this event, the Volunteer will be responsible for arranging any accommodation, travel or other arrangements which may be necessary following the termination of a Volunteer’s involvement in a project, for whatever reason.

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