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TAG supports the world’s leading bluefin tuna scientists in their quest to answer the questions that are critical to putting bluefin on the road to recovery. Key questions include: What are the migratory pathways of bluefin tuna in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?  How many genetically distinct populations exist in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea?  When and where do bluefin spawn? 

The major focus of the Tag-A-Giant Foundation is the placement of electronic tags in northern bluefin tuna. The data collected via these sophisticated instruments reveal information about bluefin movement patterns, behavior, and environmental preferences.  To date, TAG scientists have placed 1,036 tags in Atlantic bluefin and 641 in Pacific bluefin.

To get a more complete picture of bluefin biology and behavior, the TAG team also conducts several non-tagging investigations.  Ongoing initiatives include molecular genetic studies to explore population structure and mixing rates in the North Atlantic, habitat utilization studies, mathematical modeling of bluefin habitat preferences and fisheries interactions, and development of improved stock assessment techniques.

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